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The Robot War, Jakub Rozalski

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Coffee is my favorite thing in the world. I needed to hear this.

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Turning Bridge-Building Sideways

In 1978, SOM architect Myron Goldsmith and engineer T.Y. Lin created a remarkable structure to span the challenging middle fork of California’s American River. Ruck-A-Chucky Bridge elegantly solves the problem of building a stable, economical structure across a wide, steep gorge by entirely rethinking the principles of bridge-building. A “hanging arc,” the bridge was to be suspended by 80 high-strength cables and balanced by tensile forces. Though unbuilt, Ruck-A-Chucky Bridge stands as a masterwork of innovative design and structural economy to this day. Learn more

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New Balance M997HL “Catcher in the Rye” | HAVEN


New Balance M997HL “Catcher in the Rye” | HAVEN

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Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing.

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888,246 Ceramic Poppies Flow Like Blood from the Tower of London to Commemorate Britain’s Involvement in WWI

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vanityr101 said: In Fight Club the Narrator has Tyler Durden as its Alter Ego. What about yourself? Is it tyler or do you have another? If so. Share with us?


Secret:  In college, when I wanted to drink and raise hell, I told people my name was ‘Nick.’  That way, if anyone phoned, looking for ‘Nick’ I’d know it was bad news.  I’d tell them, “Nick is dead.”

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Self Edge’s Jean Finder is pretty awesome.


Self Edge’s Jean Finder is pretty awesome.

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Dash cam captures Taiwan gas explosion. Some End of Days type shit.